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The cause of you are looking for the best horse fly traps for sale or DIY horse fly trap, one of the most annoying and ferocious breed of flies are horse flies. That is because unlike the common house fly, this breed bites animals and humans to obtain blood, which is needed for them to reproduce effectively. In order to do so, their mouths and jaws have parts that cut and tear through the skin and flesh. That is why, horse flies are considered as a bloodsucking nuisance.

What is the Behavior of Horse Flies?

horse flyNormally, horse flies are often found near streams, creeks, and other low lying pastures. They like dwelling in damp areas and places with warm climate because such climate is preferable for their development.

Although they like dwelling in dark areas, horse flies prefer flying in the sunlight. They are very agile and alert when flying as they continuously look for food or prey. They use visual cues and chemical cues to locate their hosts. They tend to be attracted towards dark moving objects as well as carbon dioxide and they use these indicators to get to their target.

However, not all horse flies bite and feed on blood. Only the females do. The male horse flies feed on plant juices, pollen, and flower nectar as they have weaker mouth parts compared to the females. The female horse flies are more aggressive as they need to have blood as their meal so that they can get enough protein for them to be able to produce eggs.

The female horse flies normally target immobile animals and bite them on the legs or the body. Aside from mammals, they also bite birds, pets, and humans. They need to finish a full blood meal that when they get interrupted while feeding, they will swiftly return to their target to feed again. If they can no longer return to their original host, they will quickly look for another one to complete their blood meal.

How to Make a Horse Fly Trap?

If you live in an area where horse flies thrive, you need to find ways to avoid being bitten and to reduce the number of flies in your household. One way of doing this is to make a horse fly trap.

You do not need a lot of materials or horse fly trap plans to create your very own horse fly trap (build a horse fly trap). There are a number of ways of making a fly trap, depending on your preference and which materials are readily available at home. Below are some examples:

  • Using a Soda Bottle.

horse fly trap homemadeFirst, you need to cut the bottle and remove the top quarter. Make sure that you cut through the diameter following a straight line because you will need the top portion later on.

Next, combine half a cup of sugar and another half cup of vinegar in the bottom portion of the bottle. Pour in water until you reach the halfway mark. Stir everything together. This will serve as your bait.

Get the top portion of the bottle and lay it inverted inside the bottom part to create a funnel leading to the fly trap bait. Seal them with a duct tape. Place it in an area where there are a lot of horse flies and within hours, you will see them get trapped one by one.

  • Using a Sticky Fly Paper with Odor Baits.

horse fly trap diySticky fly paper traps can often be bought from supermarkets and are also used to trap common house flies. But, to make it more effective in trapping the more aggressive horse flies, you can add odor baits to attract them.

For the odor bait, you can use either of the following: cow urine that has been aged for at least a week, ammonia, octenol, acetone, or varnish remover. They are all components of either cattle breath or cattle urine, which are both popular attractants of horse flies.

  • Using an Umbrella Type Trap.

For this type of horse fly trap, you need to have the following materials on hand: 4 pieces of plastic sheet or plastic screening that are 60 inches long and 48 inches wide, a glue or stapler, a pole that is 60 to 72 inches long, a plastic jar, and a black rubber or plastic ball that has a diameter of 16 to 20 inches.

make a horse fly trapFirst, you need to staple or join the 4 pieces of plastic sheet to form a pyramid. The size should be about 48 inches high and 36 inches wide along the bases. A ring should also be attached to the lower corner for the guy lines holding the trap up.

Then, you need to connect the pole at the pyramid’s center and connect the ball to the pole using a 60-inch long string. The ball should be just below the sheets once the trap is fully erect.

Next, cut a small hole on top of the pyramid and staple a cardboard plate that is 5 inches long. Secure the lid of the jar upside down and mark a hole in the cardboard plate and the lid. The hole should be about 2 inches in diameter.

Attach a cone in the lid and then the jar. This is where the horse flies will be captured. To install, set up some part of the center pole into the ground. It should be erected so that the canopy will be held up. Use supporting sticks and tie the guy lines so that they act like tent ropes. The trap is now ready to catch some horse flies.

How Does The Horse Fly Trap Work?

The good thing about these home made horse fly traps is that they do not use any chemicals in attracting the horse flies. They only use odor baits such as sugar and vinegar or cattle urine. Electricity is also not needed as they can work on their own, provided that they are set up properly.

What Can Horse Fly Trap Catch?

As the name implies, a horse fly trap can catch horse flies. It specifically targets the female horse flies which are the bloodsucking nuisance of the Tabanidae fly family. These traps are effective in catching Tabanids, which are also known as Tabasus Sp., Yellow Flies, Green Heads, Gnat, Fruit Fly or Deer Flies.

It is important that before you make or purchase a horse fly trap, consider your surroundings first. This is to ensure that your money and effort will not be put to waste because not all flies which bite are actual horse flies. If you live in a neighborhood surrounded by wet and damp areas, then it is very likely that horse flies breed nearby. Also, if the bites or wounds leave a trail of blood, then that is definitely the work of a horse fly.

What Doesn’t Horse Fly Trap Catch?

Aside from horse flies, there are many other kinds of annoying flies. Unfortunately, horse fly traps are only designed to catch female horse flies and not the others. That means, a horse fly trap will not be effective in capturing other biting flies such as horn flies, stable flies, or filth flies.

These flies are not members of the Tabanidae fly family, but rather of the Muscidae fly family. Again, consider your surroundings before getting a fly trap to ensure that you have the right one. Unlike horse flies which breed in wet and damp areas, these other flies are known to breed closer to home and are common in feces, urine, or decomposing straw around hay bales.

Where Can I Place The Horse Fly Trap?

It is generally best to place the horse fly trap in an area where horse flies are usually prevalent. For instance, if you have animals or livestock in your yard, then it is advisable to place the trap near the area where the animals stay. Ideally, horse fly traps should work best in barns or animal sheds.

Place The Horse Fly TrapBut, do not be compelled to place the trap only where the animals stay because as mentioned, female horse flies also bite humans. So, horse fly traps can also be placed near your residence, to prevent the entry of the atrocious flies into your beloved home.

chicken fly trapIt may be expensive or may require a little more effort from you, but if you can, it would be best to place multiple fly traps around your property.  This is recommended, especially if your property is quite big and horse flies are just everywhere. It can help eliminate the pesky biters and protect your animals, your family, and yourself from them. It greatly helps to know their flight patterns so that you can effectively and successfully eliminate the population of horse flies in your property.

But if you are not sure about homemade horse fly trap, choose the best one for you.

Best Horse Fly Traps For Sale

  1. Horse Fly Trap or H-Trap by Bite Lite

horse fly traps for saleThis product is one of the most effective horse fly traps available on the market today as it is said to be very effective in catching flies from the Tabanidae family or Tabanids. The H-Trap is recommended if you have problems with horse flies, which are also known as B-52 bombers, deer flies, green heads, gnat, fruit fly or yellow flies.

What’s great about the H-Trap is that is has a unique single legged frame and also allows easy mowing with its anti-rotation ground anchor.  It works without the need for any chemicals or harmful ingredients as it only uses a black ball to lure the female horse flies and trick them into flying towards the trap.

It is also designed to be weather resistant, so you do not have to worry about placing it outside. You can leave it anywhere you want and depend on it to work any time of the day, no matter what the weather is.

This horse fly trap is a product of years of research that is why you can be assured that it will be more effective than other fly traps that are commercially available.

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  1. Non Toxic Fly Trap

best horse fly trapThis horse fly trap has been commercially available since 1981, so a lot of people trust that it can certainly do a great job in eliminating horse flies. In fact, it is sold in 27 countries all across the globe.

Non-Toxic horse fly trap is intended for outdoor use and can be placed in areas such as farms, gardens, kennels, barns, stables, backyards, and patios. It does not only catch horse flies, but also traps annoying fruit flies.

The good thing about this trap is that it also does not contain any poisons, toxins or insecticides that can potentially harm animals and even humans. The bait formula is made with non-toxic food materials consisting of fats, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, and stabilizers. Once added with water, the smell strongly appeals to the female horse flies, but is not detectable by humans.

A single fly trap, which is 8 inches in diameter and has a length of 10 inches, can catch up to 20,000 flies. Most of the time, more than 80% of them are females, so it is an effective way of helping decrease their reproduction. It works for around 4 to 6 weeks, covering about 50 to 100 yards.

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  1. Disposable Non-Toxic Fly Trap

Disposable Non-Toxic Fly TrapAnother non-toxic fly trap which is recommended for catching different kinds of flies is Disposable fly trap. It can be used to catch common house flies, face flies, flesh flies, blow flies, blue and green bottle flies, and horse flies.

This trap is made with a bait that flies find hard to resist. The bait is composed of food ingredients and flavorings, that is why they are safe for other animals and humans, yet effective in trapping the annoying flies. Water just needs to be added to the bag to dissolve the attractant and activate the smell which will lure the target. You do not have to worry about any leaks because the bag is made with two layers of durable plastic.

This fly trap can catch up to 20,000 flies because once they enter, they can no longer escape as they will either die from dehydration or drown into the bait. It is also a product of years of research and development, that is why you can be assured that it can do its job effectively. The best thing is, the bag is disposable and is environmentally safe.

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4. Sticky Fly Catcher Trap

sticky horse fly trap for saleThis trap is very easy to use avoid dirty your hand, just hang or wrapped it around trees. No baiting,poisons,vapors or mess.

Bring to room temperature before opening –> Grasp cord in one hand;grasp tube in the other –> Pull out cord slowly while turning tube in a counterclockwise(twirling)motion, Cap will pop out.Remove thumbtack from top of cap and save for hanging.Discard cap –> Remove completely from tube or let tube dangle from strip as an anchor.Hang with thumbtack or cold –> When strip is full for fly control is achieved,remove from hanging device and discard.


5. Dual-Sided Yellow Sticky Trap

paper horse fly trap for saleThis trap is the same as Sticky Fly Catcher Trap but come with size 10×7 inches and most of the pests have phototaxis, and yellow is the favorite color of common pests like aphids, leaf miner, fungus gnats, thrips, white flies, midges and so on, with this yellow sticky trap, pests just can not control themselves and keep flying towards it.Then the insect is firmly stucked by Sticky Fly strap.

Made from high quality PVC, with glue spray on both sides. Efficient and durable, can be used for several months.Great waterproof and heat resistance performance, stay serviceable after rain and in high temperature, suitable for outdoor use.



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